Wake up driver stop sleep nap alarm


How to stay awake while driving? This is a general question for most drivers. Some of the drivers use chewing gum to stop sleeping. But other advise to buy a wake up stopsleep alarm to stay awake while driving a car. Wake up alarm is innovative and lifesaving device, it’s easily wears over your ear and works with electronic position sensor. When your head will nod forward – stopsleep device will sound a loud alarm to instantly wake you up and alert your passengers.
Wake up device is also made for people who need to be absolutely alerted while they are on duty such as machine operators and security guards, everyone who needs to stay concentrated while working. It’s very modern and easy to use. Buy Nap Alarm device now to be ready for your life’s challenges! And it’s absolutely the gift to buy in order to take care for the one you loves.

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3 alkaline cell batteries
Avoid drowsiness while driving
Nosleep at while working or studying
Wake up lifesaving device
Sound loud alarm
Switch battery saver
Anti-Nap Driver Safe
Weight: 16grams

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  1. Jordi Ruiz


    Ceci est un excellent appareil! Je l’ai utilisé d’abord à la maison pour voir comment il fonctionnait. Au début, il émettait des bips accidentels mais vous pouvez calibrer la sensibilité comme vous voulez pour qu’il émette un signal sonore. Le son est assez fort et il est confortable à porter, même avec mes lunettes! Je garde juste le mien dans ma boîte à gants juste au cas où!

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