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Top Speed: 25km/h
Max Climbing Angle: 30º
Motor : 800w
Size of Tires: 14 inches
Weight: 16kgs
Battery: Samsung 522wh Lithium
Charge Time: 4 hours
Charging Volt: AC110V-220V 50-60Hz
Max Load: 120kg
Seat height: up to 650mm
Bluetooth App
Brand OEM
Charging in Car
Color Options

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




The STARWHEEL electric self-balance unicycle is funky,and surprisingly sleek. We think this hybrid unicycle- personal transporter belongs in a James Bond movie – that’s how sophisticated it is! Max speed is 25km/hour, that’s warp-speed for an e-scooter, and it’s best range is 55 clicks – Luke Skywalker would be impressed! Jedis don’t become knights in a day, but you can master your STARWHEEL in a day. Use the standard motions of leaning forward to increase speed, shifting backwards to slow down or stop, and most exciting of all; incline yourself left or right, exactly like an aircraft, to twist, turn and curve.

Top of the line lithium batteries ensure enough mileage on just one charge, while accessories include a mobile phone holder and a compact travel bag. As far as unicycles are concerned, the STARWHEEL is unique in having both a seat and a handle bar. An Android App specifically created for this superstar electric scooter gives you the option of modifying the point of balance to your level of comfort and choosing speeds ranging from Beginner to High mode. We have received inspiring feedback from our customers, telling us how riding their smart powered unicycle is both exhilirating and relaxing. Now, isn’t that how you want to arrive at work, or go shopping or navigate congested traffic? Invest in the STARWHEEL today and let us know how it has changed your life!

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  1. Nick


    Since I received my Starwheel here in London, I use it to go to work, the gym, and to the club. It’s amazing how people just move out of the way and the coppers don’t seem to pay too much attention, even though I’m not supposed to ride on the pavement. I’m known affectionately as the Monorover Chap at work, (personally, I’d prefer something sexier, like 007. Anyhoo – what I enjoy most is not have to shove into people or get stuck in a crowd anymore. Nick, London, UK

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