Smartway X6 city self balance scooter

Smartway X6 self balance scooter


LED Console Display with power, speed and distance
84V8.8AH Samsung Lithium Battery
Max Load:160kg
Motor: 4000W
Charge time:Approx 3H
Battery charge lasts:8hours
Maximum mileage:30-35km
Weight: 39kgs

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




Take a really deep breath, Peeps: Our Smartway X6 city riding electric scooter is the Smartway X5 on steriods! Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re riding on rough terrain, sloping trails or along city streets at a speed of 19kms per hour, the most incredible sensation you’re going to experience is that you are gliding! Maybe it’s because you aren’t feeling the impact of your feet on the ground, or that you aren’t trapped in a car. Perhaps its feeling the breeze blowing through your hair and the impression that you are drifting by trees, lakes, tourist attractions and other people, whatever it is guys and dolls, it’s exhilirating. This is the Sugar Daddy of the Smartway X5 – tough, rugged, enduring and powerful. The weird thing, at first, is how sensitive this smart device is as it detects your body’s movements, and after about 20 minutes you understand that slight, gradual movement gives you the best understanding of how to navigate your very own UGO, (Unidentified Gliding Object), especially at night when you have your night vision light on! So, climb on board your Smartway X6, and turn yourself loose on the valley trail or the boardwalk, because this is when staying COOL really pays off. You’re not allowed to panic on your 21st Century scooter – because it’s SMART, remember? It’s designed to respond to your every movement, so if you suddenly freak out, your dream machine is going to imitate any sudden movements. You wanna fly by the dudettes as if you’re Justin Bieber (not!) Take a chill pill, step up and take off. Oh yeah, really important: remember your manners out there and stay safe!

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  1. Daniel


    depuis que j’ai acheté cet appareil a mes enfants, je suis devenu le papa le plus aimé de tout l’univers. Ils me le font savoir tout le temps et j’ai même droit à un répit concernant l’argent de transport. Plus besoin de perdre du temps dans les embouteillages.

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