Skywalker x4 cyboard On sale!

Skywalker x4 cyboard

370,00 270,00

Supremely efficient, safe and convenient
Zero fuel expense and no toxic emissions
Battery consumption display
Electric charge switches off automatically if there is a loss of control
Specialized hollow, inflatable tires
Compact, lightweight and handy
Exceptional quality and dependability
Waterproof and dust-resistent to level IP54
Dynamic,high tech and simple to use
Trendy streamlined design

Optional Colors: Red,white,black,blue,green,pink
Max speed:10-14km/h
Range per charge:20km
Motor power: 300w*2
Max upslope angle: 15℃
Charge voltage: AC110v-240v 50-60Hz
Samsung Lithium Battery 36V/4.4AH
Tire size: 6,5 inch
Charging Time: 3-5h
Max load: 120kg

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




Skywalker X4 is a self-balancing two-wheel Cyboard, also known as an intuitive personal mobility device!  Undoubtedly the most technologically innovative and stylish mode of getting around, this smart mini scooter provides a smooth and safe method of transport. Nothing you have ridden before looks or feels like gliding on this incredible self-balancing two-wheeled board! Celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Kendall Jenner are enchanted with this ingenious personal transport device.

Be the first among your friends and family to step into the future onboard the Skywalker X4 Cyboard! A stable platform with two wheels on each side, this self-balancing scooter applies the principles of dynamic balance, using acceleration and gyroscope sensors.  It effortlessly moves forwards, backwards, rotates and stops.  Cyboard’s genius is that it operates intuitively, like the human brain, only faster!  A full charge will only take between 60 and 90 minutes and will provide an 18 to 20 kilometer ride. Quite a long distance, if you think about it!  Cruising speed is approximately 14 kms per hour. The Cyboard riding experience provides an exceptional sensation of freedom and fun as you drive on a new generation of wheels. Cyboard is the perfect gift for yourself, your child and your loved ones.


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  1. Stacey


    I really love my hoverboard, it’s so much fun and it’s the best way to get to school on time.” Stacey S. 16 years old, Michigan

  2. Florian


    rien n’est agréable que de monter sur un appareil qui vous procure tellement de plaisir. Si vous cherchez un cadeau à offrir a vos enfants pour les fêtes de noël, je vous recommande cet appareil.

  3. Lawrence


    I’m really pleased I got my hoverboard/cyboard(skywalker) from you guys – my buddy bought a cheap version from some flake and it burnt up on him. I did some research and found out that self-balancing boards with a Samsung battery are the safest. There are too many knockoffs that use inferior chinese batteries and they burn up in a hurry. It was worth it to spend the extra 10 bucks with you guys for the right gear. Cheers! Lawrence D., USA

  4. James


    Im the coolest Dad in the universe, so say my kids since they got their early Christmas presents – 2 skywalker cyboards, (criky, I wrote down “cyborgs” and had to correct it – showing my age here, mates) – so Kristi has a bright pink one and Ben has a white one. It’s hot as heck here in Aussie for christmas, perfect weather for the kids to be floating around outside. Now the wife wants one with a saddle and a bag and all that jazz, so I better go down to the bank or I’ll be in the dogbox. Keep one of those white Evenglide standup e-scooters on ice for me, Boys! James

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