Outlander Z4 self balance scooter On sale!

Outlander Z4 self balance scooter

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• Waterproof
• Samsung Lithium Battery
• Remote control operator
• Night Vision Light
• Power and speed control display console
• Electronic key. Outlander Z4 starts once key is connected to the ignition port.
• Zero turning radius
• Features an easily removable handlebars which make it easy to transport and store
• Powered by Lithium batteries
• Ergonomic
• Security Feature


• Mileage per charge: 45 km
• Net weight: 42kgs
• Motor power of: 4000W
• Tire diameter:19inch
• Maximum Load:160kg
• Battery: 84V8.8AH Li-ion battery pack
• Maximum speed: approximately 20km/h
• LED lights

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE





The Outlander z4 is an off-road, two wheel Self Balancing Personal Mobility Scooter that operates with a Samsung Lithium ion battery, a remote control and a night vision light. Its robust construction and sturdy waterproof design make it the perfect rig for testing your off-roader skills in the countryside or on uneven turf. The coolest thing about this gizmo is that it uses the most techonologically advanced braking system. Typically, you need to push a pedal down or pull a handle in to come to brake. This baby, like most of our other all-terrain segways, doesn’t use friction to brake or keep you balanced, it uses super-intelligence that is sensitive to your centre of gravity! It’s actually pretty cool how this works because the segway inventor dude who invented the system, Dean Kamen, modelled it on the same process utilized by your brain! So, normally, standing on the ground, if you lean a little too far forward until you feel off-balance, you won’t fall over because the amazing sensors in your brain are stimulated by the pull of gravity that tell your brain when you are unsteady. Your arm and leg muscles then respond to prevent a fall. Isn’t that awesome? Micro-processors in the Outlander Z4 simulate the brain, while tilt indicators, in the place of muscles, replicate your natural balance technique, keeping and maintain your centre of gravity.

When our Outlander Z4 self balance electric scooter senses you shifting forwards, it will immediately compensate by accelerating slightly to maintain calibration or balance. The Outlander is so intelligent and simple to operate; just lean your body forward to move the scooter ahead, or shift backwards a little to move back. If you want to turn right or left, just turn the handlebar away from you or pull it towards you. When you want to stop or brake, just stand straight upright. In as little as 15 minutes, your brain will sync with your new toy and you’ll be the coolest cat in the hood, riding around with a crazy grin on your face!

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  1. Serges Rimbault


    Lorsque j’ai acheté ce gyropode, j’ai cru qu’il me serait difficile de le conduire. Mais, à ma grande surprise, en moins de 15 min, je le conduisais comme si je l’avais il y’a longtemps. En plus, je le transporte avec moi lorsque je vais en campagne parce qu’il s’adapte à tout terrain et il on s’y sent bien dessus. Je vous le recommande!

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