One Wheel Scooter X8



Maximum Speed 18km/h
Range per Charge 18-23 km
Safe Climbing Angle About 15°
Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°
Battery : 170wh/ Lithium
protection board with SOC equalization
Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C  (best at 20°~30°C)
Weight Limit: 120Kg
Charger Voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz
Charge Time 130Wh: About 90 min (80% charged in 60 min)
170Wh: About 120 min (80% charged in 90 min)
Size 497*450*168mm
Pedal Height 115mm (when dismounted)
Tire Size 16 inch
Main Body Weight 11.1kg
Standard Charger,Training Band, Extended Pump Nozzle
Optional Backpack, LED Flash Light, Pressure Gauge

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




If you are brave enough to express yourself freely, If you are the one who wants to make a step into the real future, city one wheel scooter X8 is definitely for you!
City airwheel x8 is a perfect mixture of casual vehicle and future technologies.
It looks greats, feels good and even smells pretty joyful.
You can control it just like a regular bicycle. All you need to do is to find a balance and one wheel scooter will carry on. You can ride in any direction you want by leaning on the needed side.
All the controls are done by some weird software and some magic gyroscope.
Our self-balancing one wheel scooter is not only fancy and futuristic, it’s also really practical.
To charge full battery you will need about 90 minutes (just like your phone), maximum speed is 18 km/h (I know right?), weight is 11 kg and one charge of battery will be enough to cover 23 km (to the end of the world and back).
One wheel scooter X8 is environmentally friendly, easy to use and great to cover casual distance with spectacular look and undeniable comfort.
It can be a great gift and a good image investment. Be in charge of your movement, take a ride into the future, check out our one wheel scooter.


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  1. Thierry Casi


    Si vous cherchez un appareil très léger, facile à transporter, très maniable et surtout qui offre un grand plaisir de glisse, je vous recommande ce scooter à une roue ! Il est plus facile de rouler à faible allure, voir même de tenir dessus à l’arrêt (pratique notamment quand il y a beaucoup de piéton). Il est pratique et parfait pour mes déplacements quotidiens.

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