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450,00 370,00

High-powered Maglev Motor delivers dynamic drive
Top Speed: 18-20km/hr
Flame-retardant exterior
Oxidation shield
Scratch resistant
Lightweight and portable
Samsung Lithium Battery
Environmentally friendly
Charge time: 1.5 hours
Battery: Lithium (Li-ion) 130Wh to 170Wh with built-in SOC equalization
Weight Limit: 120kg
Charger Voltage: AC 220V 50-60Hz
Low noise emission
Eco-friendly device with zero exhaust pollution
Size: 450*395*160mm
Pedal Height: 115mm
Tire Size: 14 inch
Net Weight: 9.8kg

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The amazing self-balancing City Smart Unicycle is all about compact technology and efficiency: portable, eco-friendly and effective energy management sporting a sleek design. It has a state-of-the-art Maglev Motor (Magnetic Levitation) that delivers a supreme volume of 1000 Watts of electricity while maintaining ultra-low noise performance. In common with all other self-balancing smart scooters, cyboards, segways and unicycles, the City Smart one-wheel scooter is equipped with precision sensors and gyroscopes to maintain your equilibrium during a smooth and steady ride. We are particularly impressed with the protection mechanisms on this one-wheel electric bike which make it ideal for children and seniors. The Tilting Protection Mechanism kicks in as soon as the smart unicycle reaches 45 degrees to the side. In this case, the motor ceases operation instantly to avoid injuries.

As with other smart one-wheel scooters, if speed goes above 12 kms/hr, the foot pedal will incline itself slowly. For speeds approaching 15kms, the pedals will rise to a ten degree angle which prevents extra speed. Flat Battery Protection – as soon as battery power levels fall below 15%, 4 lights on the console will flash and a beeping noise will be heard. The front part of the foot pedal is designed to decline, which causes you to slow down and stop. It is not advisable to ride your electric scooter when the battery is low or flat, as this may cause your personal unicycle to fall over.

The aviation-grade aluminium pedals on either side of your balance unicycle provide a robust platform for your feet and are foldable, making this brilliant scooter easy to carry. Once you own your own City Smart one-wheel scooter you will discover how your daily routine becomes exciting, fun and brings pleasure to you and others.

You don’t need to imagine what it’s like walking that last mile home because you already know – you’ve done it so many times. Treat yourself this Christmas and invest in this nifty device for yourself or a loved one? It is so incredibly light and portable, you can carry it with you on the bus, the train. It is perfect for city life and the daily commute. Imagine gliding through the park after work on your way home; or floating along the sidewalk with a smile on your face? You will feel young, refreshed and energized!

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  1. Arnaud Cortez


    Pour ceux qui aiment l’aventure comme moi, ce scooter est pour vous ! Vous serez très excité de le conduire. Ce n’est pas difficile de le conduire comme il parait, il suffit juste de trouver un équilibre et il fera tout le travail pour vous. Je vous recommande cet appareil. Vous allez expérimenter des sensations uniques.

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