Mini smart F1plus


Caractéristiques : Vitesse maximale: env. 20 kmh. Kilométrage maximum: env. 20km. Rayon de braquage: 0m. Téléchargement maximale: env. 120 kg. Téléchargement minimum: env. 25 kg. Samsung Batterie au lithium 36V, 5.8AH avec un poids de 1,5 kg. Tension du chargeur: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz partout dans le monde. Hauteur de la poignée (de la pédale): env. 115cm / 45.3inch. Hauteur de la poignée (de la terre): env. 140cm / 55.1inch. Hauteur de châssis: env. 14.4cm / 5.7inch. Dimension: env. 52 × 24.5cm / 20.5 x 9.6 pouces. Couleur blanche. Poids: env. 13 kg. Type de pneu: pneu plein. 100% nouveau. Phares à LED ng>FEATURES
Maximum speed: approx. 20km/h.
Maximum mileage: approx. 20km.
Turning radius: 0m.
Maximum upload: approx. 120kg.
Minimum upload: approx. 25kg.
Samsung Lithium Battery 36V, 5.8AH with 1.5kg weight.
Voltage of charger: 100-240V, 50/60HZ for global.
Handle height (from pedal): approx. 115cm/45.3inch.
Handle height (from ground): approx. 140cm/55.1inch.
Chassis height: approx. 14.4cm/5.7inch.
Dimension: approx. 52×24.5cm/20.5×9.6 inch.
Color: White.
Weight: approx. 13kg.
Tyre Type: solid tyre.
100% Brand new.
LED headlights

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




The mini City-Terra F1 is a self-balancing 2-wheel electric scooter with a T-Bar Joystick. It is smart, sophisticated, lightweight and fast with so many cool features. Check these out: A T-bar Joystick that pivots forwards and backwards as well as to the left and the right. Attached to the standing platform, with a handle on each side, maneuvering the T-bar accelerates and navigates your scooter precisely as it senses your physical inclination. This is a superb and dependably electric personal transporter for kids and adults with mobility impediments because of the built-in safety qualities, the opportunity to be outdoors instead of stuck inside at the computer or on the phone, and the sheer joy and adventure of discovering the world while gliding on a futuristic smart vehicle. In total, four safety mechanisms are installed in the Mini City Terra Scooter: Speed control; low battery monitoring; intuitive self-balancing sensors in the foot pedals and an alarm. Your children and parents will be safe, spending energy in a healthy manner that is environmentally friendly, and happy as they ride to school, supermarket, work or the movies. Most children learn to balance and maneuvre their smart mini-segway within 20 minutes.

It is always best to remind your children that although these intelligent self-balance devices look like toys, they are sophisticated machines that should be handled with care. Children and adults operating self-balance electric personal mobility vehicles should always take responsibility for handling their device with respect and showing consideration for others. The User Guide should always be given to your children or loved ones to study before they learn to ride.

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  1. Arnaud


    Waouh quel incroyable appareil ! Depuis que je l’ai, je me déplace avec facilite. C’est un moyen de transport fun et sûr

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