Jucker Q2 one-wheel self balance scooter

Jucker Q2 one-wheel self balance scooter


1. Samsung 60V Lithium Battery
2. Weight: 14.2KG
3. The maximum load: 130KG
4. Maximum speed: 18 km / h
5. The maximum climbing 20 degrees
6. Motor power: 600W
7. The battery capacity: 210Wh
8. The charging time: 45 minutes
9. Tire size: 14 inches
10. Driving trip: 25 km

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Build body strength and agility, improve your brain function and equilibrium, melt away fat and release stress with this awesome double-wheeled Unicycle, affectionately known as “the Wheelbarrow”! You’re probably asking yourself, “What on earth is an eco-friendly, self balancing monocycle?” Welcome to the FUTURE Dudes! In this case, the Jucker has two wheels that operate together as a double wheel, kinda like a wheelbarrow! It has an electric motor and sensors that intuitively compute when you are leaning forwards or backwards. This is serious high-tech stuff! The second these sensors get that your gravity centre is leaning ahead of the wheel’s axle, it accelerates the motor to maintain balance. Of course, this makes you travel even faster. When the sensors pick up that your gravity centre is behind the axle, they signal the motor to slow down to calibrate your pose, and you slow down. It isn’t rocket-science: lean forward and you’ll move ahead, lean backwards and you’ll slow down or even come to a halt! As for your concern that you may fall over or off your sexy space-age gadget, have no fear! Half an hour is all it takes for your brain and body to get into sync with your new toy. So get this; a daily spin of five kms adds an extra 10 minutes to your day!

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  1. Charlie Bourret


    Jucker, is my new favorite toy for the last moth. It’s fast, innovative and makes me move fast among the city. It’s really cool!

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