EvenGlide Airwheel S5


Aviation-grade Silica Footpad Cover for reliable grip
7IP56 Waterproof rating
Updates Include:
CPU upgrade
Improved driving power
Rapid reaction response
Increased acceleration capacity
Bluetooth music speakers
Silicone bumper strip back of handlebar to avoid scratching
Folding control shaft
4 New Features
Panasonic battery – ultra quiet
LED Display panel with 4 inch screen
Aeronautic-grade aluminum fender protectors
Weatherproof and waterproof
Security Features
Tilt Protection
(If your scooter leans over 45 degrees to either side, or if it turns over, the control system activates a tilting protection mechanism to shut the motor off instantly to prevent injury.)
Speed Control
Sets a max speed of 12km/hour, if this is exceeded, front of foot platform will rise slowly. If speed exceeds 16 km/h, platform will lift to a 10 degree angle which prevents you from leaning forward any further to accelerate.

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The EvenGlide Airwheel S5 is the Big Daddy of the S-series smart personal mobility device. It is equipped with Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) attributes, making it more attractive to city commuters, explorers and sports fanatics. The first thing that will excite you are the 16-inch tires that provide stability and durability. The Panasonic lithium battery sustains riding further than other smart scooters, covering up to 50km, about 35 miles. The S5 was originally designed for large companies and government entities, due to its excellent patrol and inspection capacities. A primary upgrade on this model is the folding control shaft for easy storage or parking.

Word on the street is that company workers and trendy folk in urban areas are crazy for the S5. They understand that there isn’t anything conventional about this self balancing electronic scooter. For starters, the microprocessors that maintain your balance have a response time of 0.03 of a second, resembling the light-speed reaction processes of the human brain. That alone leaves us speechless!

In summary, our research informs us that the EvenGlide Airwheel S5 is in hot demand because of its advanced balance-sensing and steering technology; wireless driving ability, (drive-by-wire); simple user interface and an intelligent digital console designed to communicate with your smart phone.

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  1. Christophe De Saint Felix


    Depuis que j’ai acheté cet appareil, toutes mes balades en ville sont sensationnelles et passionnantes. C’est un moyen de transport innovant, sûr et confortable. Essayez-le, je crois que vous allez l’aimer comme moi!

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