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E5 Citycoco electric motorcycle

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Weight: 51kg
Max Speed: about 35km/h
Endurance mileage: about 80km
Max Load: 200kg
Charge Time: 4-5 hours
Size: 1759*750*700mm
Tire Size: 18*9.5 inch
Battery: 60V 12AH Lithium Battery
Motor: 800W
Color: Red, White




It is a unique bike that combines classes such as motorcycle, scooter and moped.

Appearance and frame are made in a minimalist style, and thick tires conceptually are borrowed from the custom bikes such as “Bobber”. In essence and idea, E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE is factory-custom concept that came into production without changes. Isn’t it tempting?

E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE engineers are pioneers and innovators in the manufacture of such equipment, and the first in the world who dared to release the series of bikes in this high standard. Enormous experience gained during the design and development phase, project documentation and series of test for four years before the bike hit the pipeline resulted in a large-scale project.

Thick, wide and high profile tires contribute to a comfortable driving on our roads, swallowing most of the bumps and pits. Power 800W motor-wheel, a torque of 95 NM just leave a smile on the face of the rider, piloting E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE.

55 kilograms – is the weight of E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE is not too small and not too heavy but it is just enough so that the wind will not blow you away by the oncoming flow.

The frame is welded machine-robot of two aluminum tubes diameter 38mm, laser welding, and in fact – a technology that came to us from the aviation industry. In this frame, E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE cannot break easily and does not walk in the corners, which is certainly a positive impact on bike handling.

Unlike gasoline scooters, which, in addition to fuel, are constantly demanding to: oil, air and oil filter, as well as other expensive consumables for internal combustion engines – E5 CITYCOCO ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE is not such expensive items on your budget.

All you need is a 220V outlet and the route of the road on which you will go.

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  1. Victoria Arranovsky


    very stylish electric bike, my neighbour have it. Absolutely cool and esy do ride.

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