CityAirwheel Z3 electric scooter


Major Materials: Magnesium Alloy and Aluminium Alloy
Style: Matte silver + Black + Orange
Height: 974mm
Length: 752mm
Width: 371mm
Tire Size: 8in
Weight: 11.6kg
Suitable Height 1.5m~2.1m
Max. Load 100kg
Platform Height 140mm
Max. Climbing Angel About 15° (Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
Max. Speed About 20km/h
Battery Capacity 81.4Wh / 162.8Wh
Working Temperature -10°C~40°C best at 20~30°C
Charge Time 81.4Wh:about 60min 162.8Wh:about 120min
Charge Voltage AC220V 50-60Hz

+33 (6) 5217 2524 TOP GSM FRANCE




Th Cityairwheell Z3 electric scooter is a 2016 year novelty. This is one of the most modern and smartest electric scooter in the world. The first thing that catches eyes is not the usual location of the pedals, the legs are located in a natural form, such as you ride a Segway or a cyboard. The main feature of the electro scooter Cityairwheel Z3 is an easily removable battery, you can remove and take it home to charge, which is a certainly a great solution! The battery has an external location, it is completely sealed, allowing you to ride in the rain and under the sun without a fear to damage it.
Steering wheel height is certainly another useful “feature” that allows you to use an electric scooter for adults and for children. The body is made of magnesium alloy, which gives strength and stiffness to the base frame.
Looking at the whole idea of this device, it is easy to conclude that the direct ancestor of the invention was the Segway. Z3 has a lot of advantages and additional features such as a cross-platform chassis and steering rack. Your electric glide will be so much comfortable as it was never before in your riding experience!
This model is a real boom for those who like listening to the music and drive a vehicle just right from a smartphone.
Z3 electric scooter has several interfaces and an informative display on the steering wheel that makes it possible for you to monitor a battery charge level and your scooter location. You can play your favorite tracks on the built-in speakers, manage playlist, and even connect the GPS-navigation.
As for performance and capacity, electro scooter can give odds to any other private transport with gyroscopic sensors. Maximum speed is 18 km / h. You can travel up to 25 kilometers on a single charge. Z3 electric scooter is absolutely useful, especially in a traffic jam and just for usual outdoor gliding.

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  1. Alain Bernard


    Je n’ai jamais vu un appareil qui procure autant de plaisir, waouh ! Depuis que j’ai acheté ce scooter électrique, je me sens comme virevoltant à chaque fois que je le monte. Il me procure Des sensations jamais soupçonnées auparavant. Et puis fini le stress des journées ! plus besoin de parcourir des derniers kilomètres vers la maison, ou lorsque je vais à l’école. Surtout il rend mon déplacement fun !

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