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We are actively seeking motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs to further expand our global network. What we looking for in new distributors:

Presently, our distributors originate from diverse backgrounds and commerce, with distinct personal and professional interests. To maintain ongoing success,  we are in the market for distributors and agents with proven sales experience who are able to accomplish the recognized growth plan. Equally important is having the financial foundation upon which to build your business with us.

If you share our enthusiasm and passion for innovative invention and personal mobility transporters, and if your values are aligned with ours, we look forward to working with you. Customer service and satisfaction is our greatest value, and this manifests in presenting top quality, authentic brands and ongoing investment in the latest high-tech devices.


Benefits – Authorized Distributors Receive:
  • Trademark Accessibility – supplies brand name products that have internationally recognized credentials, lending trustworthiness to you and your business and setting you apart from the multitude of inferior products on the market.
  • Product Discounts
  • Qualified Leads – Cityonwheels will assist you and provide leads in your area.
  • Marketing – we will provide you with proven marketing support and tools
  • Product Knowledge  – Our comprehensive training empowers you to become an authorized distributor
  • Generous Commissions and Sales Incentives


Are you interested? Have questions?  Contact us now!

If you’re interested in becoming a Cityonwheels International Distributor, please email to:


City on Wheels is expanding in the following territories: Contact us today!
United States

 +1 646 8937780

+33 1 86267157 | +33 6 52172524

Our goal is to help you prosper and join the ranks of  the most successful global suppliers of eco-friendly personal mobility devices and brands. We already enjoy being highly regarded and seen as an international leader providing sophisticated and trendy two-wheel, self balancing cyboards and electric scooters, so connect with us as we respond to the growing demand from 64 countries.  With  offices all over the planet, we are excited about the opportunity to expand our thriving and profitable business into new territories and markets around the world.

Distributors and agents are highly motivated and supported in existing markets by our regional teams, and the international response from customers gives us the confidence and incentive to equip you with the material and knowledge you need to prosper.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Distributor.