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“e-PTW” Electric Power Two-wheel Vehicles include Cyboards, Hoverboards, two wheel mini-segways, two-wheel off-all segway scooters, monorovers, unicycles, and stand-up scooters. It is predicted that this innovative industry will continue to grow at a steady pace because big name ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) and OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers), like Polaris, Bombardier and others have staked their claim in the market.  Another factor contributing to a burgeoning market will be the reduced cost of premium batteries.


Navigant Research has published an important report that predicts global yearly demand for smart scooters will expand from the current  5.3 million to over 6 million per year by 2024.  The research studied e-scooters and other associated technologies that are battery operated.  Key points investigated were primary social, economical, and technological market drivers and possible impediments to growth, such as low fuel prices.  However, because traffic congestion and air quality are a growing concern, it seems logical that consumers will be encouraged to invest in smart electric portable transport devices and electric public transport for themselves and their families in the years to come.


Fundamentally, the electric, self-balancing, eco-friendly cyboards and scooters are a brilliant product for the whole family, especially young people, working people and, of course, people are just too cool for school.

– It’s easier than riding a skateboard, they can exercise with it, have fun in a completely new way and get out of the house into nature.

– This is a global market, so there potential to profit your distributor business is enormous.

– Your marketing is done online through website optimization, the use of social media and paid advertising.



  • A proven track record of sales in the market
  • An existing market of client or customers who are excited about new technology and innovative products, is preferable, but we are willing to accept applications for start-up distributors.
  • You already have a viable business or have done all the paperwork and legal wrangling to set up an independent Agency.
  • You have a business (or plan you create) which offers Signs and Advertising.
  • You propose the products and services to end customers.
  • You offer your clients the product and the start-up.
  • Keep in touch with your customers.


We want to hear about your enterprise and the plans you have to succeed in business.  If your Distributor application is approved, we will happily support you with informating and marketing tools and you will profit as an independent agent for

Company name – Наnnouf Media Group Ltd
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